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T h e    m e a n i n g   b e h i n d   o u r    n a m e .

Drinking tea has a long history. It was first discovered in China by a legendary emperor and the father of herbal medicine, Shen Nong over 5000 years ago. As the Chinese discovered the healing benefits of tea they too invented the teapot. The word teapot “chahu” in the Chinese language is combination of the word tea “cha” and “hu” which means to protect or guard. Tea was first consumed for it's medicinal properties to protect the body from disease, the perfect form of early self-care. 

So, why the colour red? Red is the colour of love. To love our bodies is to take care of them.  Red is also a powerful and vivid colour that makes you stop or slow down. This is why yield signs, stop signs, and fire trucks are painted red. Simply Red Teapot = slow down, love and protect the body with tea.   


O u r   P h i l o s o p h y .

At the heart of Red Teapot is a belief that tea is more than just a drink, it's a cup of self-loving care.  In our a fast-paced world, a moment of peace can be a rare experience, even a luxury. Our compulsion of being busy often has consequences on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Our intention is to help people slow down, to take a moment out of their day to reconnect with themselves through the simple act of drinking tea.













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